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Areas of Expertise

Over the years, I've combined my educational research, spiritual seeking, and clinical practice to design new techniques that many clients have found beneficial. Some of the most common issues that I help my clients with are : .


My therapeutic practice is heavily influenced by these remarkable individuals.


Jiddu Krishnamurti was a philosopher, speaker and writer. In his early life he was groomed to be the new World Teacher but later rejected this mantle and withdrew from the Theosophy organization behind it.
Fritz Perls

Fritz Perls

Father of Gestalt Psychology
Fritz Perls is a founding father of Gestalt Therapy. The core of the Gestalt Therapy process is enhanced awareness of sensation, perception, bodily feelings, emotion, and behavior, in the present moment. Relationship is emphasized, along with contact between the self, its environment, and the other.
Thomas Hubl

Thomas Hubl

Spiritual Leader
Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher. His work integrates the essence of great wisdom traditions with scientific knowledge and personal experiences. His work is rooted in an uncompromising clarity that brings the wake potential of a new WE-culture to the fore.


Dr.Carr's affirming support creates a calm, holistic, and safe enviornment for healing. His individualized therapeutic counselling techniuqes encourage steady growth and allow recovery of one's sense of authenticity and wellness. As he has done for me, Dr.Carr will help you find the power within yourself to reclaim your energy, emotional well-being, and happiness.

Susan Jillenhiem

Software Engineer

There are many beautiful qualities of Dr.Wayne Carr's therapy and one the most heart-warming qualities is that he likes to see you as a beautiful human with integrity, not as a patient but as a friend. A friend who really cares about your well-being and happiness. We all go through some difficulties from time to time, and he also shares his difficulties, humbleness, and at the same time, you will shine with more light.

Martina Cliton

Massage Therapist

I was apprehensive about seeking counselling but Dr.Carr immediately made me feel very comfortable and before I knew it, I was delving into issues I hadn't addressed in a long time- if ever. I feel so much better now, having someone who listens to me without judgement and gives me guidance as I work through issues taht brought me to him in the first palce and new ones that have come up since then. I will and have highly recommended Dr.Carr to my family and friends.

Sineam Reignard


Dr.Carr has helped mediate a struggling crisis that my wife and I we were having. This undoubtedly affected our son, Steve. As the fighting got worse, we sought out various counselors with only seeing temporary progress. When we found Dr.Carr, we were able to make long term progress and are still growing to the time I sent in this testimonial. Things aren't perfect ( as if they are anywhere!); but with the tools that we gained from Dr.Carr's patient listening and contributions; we are a happy family again. Thanks again, Dr.Carr!

Roy, Emily, and Steve Nimens


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